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Family subscriptions

how can I link patients under "family" when they didn't get grouped that way when registered? For example, I had wife register one day, and husband the next but they are not linked as a family.


  • Click the edit record cog wheel on the left hand patient demographic slide out bar. Pick edit patient profile. Under there is an option to change the family. Just set both patients to the same family name. It likely made a LASTNAME 1, LASTNAME 2 etc.. family. Just make them all the same one. It's easy so long as it is a unique last name. I have 3 smith families at the moment.
  • spot on Dr. Hitchcock - well done ;) also - when typing in the last name for the family group, it should start to display the other family members in that group (ie Smith 2 - sara, john, sally, sue) to help confirm which family you're connecting.
  • OK, next question--what if family members have different last names? Got the others corrected!
  • Everything is still the same. It doesn't matter if the last names are different.
  • Dr. Hitchcock is right again :)
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