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Behavior of Prescriptions widget on dashboard

Could that be changed to only show not finished prescriptions? I think that would be much more helpful instead of recent prescriptions.


  • interesting...you can also see unfinished prescriptions by going to Prescriptions >> open prescriptions. Thanks
  • That's usually how I see open ones. Right now for our work-flow open rx's are ones that I put in for my nurse to fill. I'm thinking about doing that for refills. Now when I know a refill is coming up for the week, I just make a task for myself. I'm thinking about just imputing the rx instead and using the open prescriptions almost like a refill task list.
  • Are you getting the emails in the mornings about patients that are/will be due for refills in the next 3 days? I use those as my 'tasks/reminders' for refills and then i use a macro, #refill, to streamline the process of contacting the patients by email to cut down on phone calls.

    Good morning #patientfirstname,

    I wanted to check in and see if you are ready for a refill of your __.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
    Dr. Josh
  • I am. I'd like to look out farther than 3 days. Just starting off, I don't always have everything in stock. Getting enough stuff to get a $100 order through Andameds in 3 days notice is tough. I'm trying to consolidate to a once weekly order and mass refill. I had a lot of patients email or text "I took my last pill yesterday can I get a refill?"
  • Another option is to go to prescriptions >> refills and you can see tthe refills that will be coming up soon all in one spot. But I can definitely see how it would be helpful to see further out to help with organizing your inventory reorders. I'll chat with the team and see what we can do about that.

  • Y'all are awesome!
  • shucks :) thanks!
  • I still would love a single weekly rx refill email. Every Monday I get an email saying " The following Rx's will expire in the next 7 days"
  • Hi Hitchcock_MD, Thanks for the suggestion! We'll let you know if it's something that we think we might be able to incorporate in a future update!
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