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Sleep studies

I'm going to get this, the WatchPat http://www.itamar-medical.com/watchpat-main/, it will cost me about $43 a study (single use probes) plus $100 a month for the device itself. I'm thinking about charging $250 a study. This is well below the average of $700 for an in-home sleep study for several of the "sleep centers" in town. Does anyone else offer this? If so, how much do you charge?


  • This looks very interesting and convenient, especially for cash pay patients. I recently used NovaSom for a patient and it was very good as well. Their cash price is about $300 dollars and includes mailing the unit to the patient, offering 24/7 support through the test, and providing the report, interpretation, and rx to the DME provider.

    I'd be curious how your WatchPat is working or if you used it yet?

    Deborah Moore, M.D.
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