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Enrollment Form "Group Information" suggestions

A few suggestions to help reduce errors/confusion for patients enrolling . . .

NAME OF COMPANY/GROUP: I am part of a company or group that will be partially paying for my medical care

This has mostly been a problem since starting a partnership with Liberty Direct (not advised by Josh I know!) because of the wording of this question. Would it be possible to drop the word "group"? I think "employer" would suffice and be more clear in any case. If "group" must stay (some use-case I don't know about), maybe a clarification?

- I think the word "secondary" is confusing and a bit of liability -- somewhat implying DPC membership is a form of primary insurance.
- I would suggest changing to "health insurance" or "medical cost sharing" plan. . . .so, "I have have health insurance or medical cost sharing program that I would like to have on file for services provided outside the clinic such as CT scans, specialist visits, etc."


  • Hello! Thanks for the suggestions. We will take a look and see if this is anything that we will be able to implement in the near future.
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