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Faxing problem

In a given week, I'm getting a good number of pharmacies that claim to have not received the faxes we have sent them for prescriptions through the EMR. Its all comers - Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and local independent places. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might be happening here and what I can do to fix it?


  • I've only had it not arrive a few times. More often than not, the pharmacy doesn't check the fax. When the patient shows up, the pharmacy checks the e-rx system and doesn't look at the fax. I tell all my patients to tell them to check the fax machine before they call me.
  • I agree, 99% of the time, this is the pharmacists issue - customer service just isn't at the top of their list. I find that taking a screen shot of the fax confirmation in the emr and sending that to the patient seems to solve it. When the pharmacist is faced with an angry customer with PROOF...its amazing how fast they find the script. Or i'll do that and resend the script and funny how they find the 2nd script 100% of the time.

    Remember, the emr will send you an email of a failed fax (if the fax line is down, busy, etc) so if there's a true fax failure, you'll be emailed about it in a few minutes so that you can try to call the pharmacy and see whats wrong.
  • I love the screen shot idea, and I wasn't sure if the EMR counted a busy-signal as a failed fax so that's helpful as well. Thanks!
  • Oh yes, its amazing how a can share some proof with the patient and the pharmacy starts to squirm. It goes from "the doc never sent it" to "we can't find it" to "we found it, but its incomplete"....all the while our patients have the fax confirmation and a voided copy of the rx sent to their email. Usually, the pharmacies realize that its not worth challenging the patients after a while.

    Of course, i will admit, its a double edge sword when I tell a patient i'll send in the script but then forget and they call/text me b/c they haven't received the email/text to confirm the rx was sent :)
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