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Lab charge pre-Quest integration or using other lab

edited December 2015 in App Support
Is there a better way to add a charge for a lab outside of Quest, or in my case before the integration is completed? Currently I'm adding a miscellaneous charge for each lab so they show up individually on the patients invoice. However, in the billing reports it doesn't flag it as revenue from labs, just as miscellaneous. Any thoughts?


  • edited March 2016
    I created an inventory item for my common labs using the Non-NDC option. I use Omega Labs ( a local lab). I made up an NDC/SKU of OME001 (and so forth). I put an inventory amount of 99999999999, lot 0 and exp date of 12/2999. That way I'm unlikely to use it up! Then in the billing section, I click the gear and "sell inventory item" for the patient. As misc labs come up that I haven't ordered before, I add them to the inventory in my system. It makes it easier than having to remember every time exactly what I charge for the labs. Also, I can quickly search the inventory to see the price of a lab for a patient.
  • Yep - thats a great way of using the Non-NDC inventory :-)
  • That's a great idea. There is still the issue with the reports not flagging the charge as a lab.
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