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Android APP

Had three patients this week who live on the dark side of the world (NON- IOS) looking to see if we have a Droid OS app. You thinking of doing this as my IOS people love this thing! Sleek, quick and simple.


  • Yes...my patients also want android app
  • Thanks for the suggestion, we don't see a lot of activity from patients on the app so its hard to justify the cost/maintenance of building the android app (vs other more popular features). But we do think in time we'll provide the same app options on a web based platform so anyone could use it.
  • I like the idea of a web based platform. It would be OS independent. I don't get a lot of appointment requests through the app, but I can see having one unified place to view/pay invoices could be nice. I'd love to have an automated way to email out the invoices every month.
  • yes, my patients also was looking for Android app.
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